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The scraping units NUS are designed to remove liquid manure during the non-attachable treatment of animals by shifting the scraper in the fodder-manure fenced passes in livestock buildings to reset the slurry mass to the manure channels.

Units are used for mechanized removal of liquid manure of cattle and other animals at dairy farms, feedlots complexes, which are separated from feeding places, movement and rest sites.

The coating material of passes is a concrete, ceramic coating, rubber mats.

Climatic performance VII according to GOST 15150.

The units can be produced in several versions in accordance with the drawings 1, 2, 3.

When ordering the scraping units NUS it is necessary to specify:

NUS – ХХХХХХХХ – X – X – XXX – X – X

1 ––– 2 –––– 3 –––– 4 – 5 –– 6 ––– 7– 8

1 unit title scraping unit for the manure removal);

2 figures - scraper width (in mm) of the first (aft) passage;

3 figures - scraper width (in mm) of the second passage;

4 the letter B – the unit with steel scrapers for passages with concrete or ceramic coating, the letter P – the unit with scrapers reinforced with a rubber strip for passages coated with rubber mats;

5 the letter Zh – the unit to work with a flexible pulling element disposed in the trough, the letter G – the unit to work in the passages without gutters;

6 figures - the circuit length of the flexible pulling element in meters;

7 the letter H - the location of manure removal channel from one end of passes (number of scrapers in each pass is one), the letter D – the location of channel for the manure removal from the two ends of passes (number of scrapers in each passage is two), the letter P - the location of manure removal channel in the middle of passes (number of scrapers in each passage is two);

8 the letter K - manure removal channels are closed by valves opening automatically, the letter O - manure removal channels are closed with safety grills (installed by the customer).

The example of the unit reference designation with the widths of a scraper of the first pass is 3600mm, of the second pass is 2800mm, for passes with a concrete covering B, for working with a flexible pulling element placed in the gutter F, the contour length of the flexible pulling element is 225m, with the location of manure removal channel into one channel at end of the passage N, the manure removal channels are closed with the safety grills O:

NUS-3600-2800-B-Zh-225-N-О TU BY 500203214.031-2010.

The scraper is equipped with an electronic control system with the following features:

- «obstacle recognition»;

- «summer-winte»;

- «day-night»;

- «freeze Protection»;

- «overload shutdown»;

- «shutdown when loosening of the traction circuit».

The whole scraper construction is galvanized that provides a long-term functionality of the product.

Technical specifications



Circuit length

on request of the customer

Traction element


Chain: type

round linked, calibrated

Chain size

13х36 mm

Number of tools (scrapers)

2 or 4

Movement speed of tools (scrapers), not more than, m / min


Maximum weight of the simultaneously moved manure, not more than, kg


Scraper drive station

1 pcs.

Scraper drive

gearmotor n = 5,7 turns/min

Габаритные размеры рабочего органа, (скрепера),
высота Н
ширина захвата В

210 мм
2,1 – 4,2 м



Current type

alternating, three-phase


380 V


50 Hz

Installed capacity, not more than

0,75 kW

Control mode

automatic, manual

Overall dimensions of the drive station, mm,





Overall dimensions of the control cabinet, mm,





Weight, kg,

control cabinet

drive station