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The pumping sewage unit UN-10 with the side draw (the lateral pumping) is designed to remove the liquid manure from the manure pit of livestock buildings.

The unit is a stationary one with a centrifugal working body and a grinding device at the entrance.

The drive shaft is rotated in a bath of rapeseed oil. With the help of a crane and nozzle the unit provides two modes of operation: mixing of the liquid manure (homogenization) and a transfer mode.

Operating conditions:

– climatic version VI on GOST 15150-69;

– ambient temperature - from minus 10 º C to 40 º C;

– relative humidity - 85% or less at a temperature of 25 º C..

Characteristics of pumped manure:

– density - not more than 1100 kg / m ³;

– acidity, pH - no more than 6-8;

– the concentration of suspended particulate matter - less than 2.5 kg / m ³;

– fiber inclusion (straw) of not more than 120mm;

– humidity of not less than 85%.

– temperature not less than +1º С.

The pumping sewage unit UN-10-03 can be equipped with optional equipment: a loading mast NUN-02 and a distribution device NUN-03.

The loading mast NUN -02 is designed to direct the liquid manure flow during its pumping into the mobile capacity (is connected to the pumping sewage unit UN-10-03 by using a flexible hose.)

The distribution device NUN-03 is designed for the liquid manure distribution in three or two directions. The device is mounted on the overlapping of the manure pit, connected to the pumping unit with a flexible sleeve. The unit is available in two versions: NUN-03-01 – the distribution in three directions or NUN-03-02 – the distribution in two directions. 

Technical specifications

Supply, not less, m ³ / h


Pump pressure, not less than, m


Installed power, not less than, kW


Immersion depth of the unit, m

2,0; 2,5; 3,0; 3,5; 4,0; 4,5

Diameter of the discharge nozzle, mm


Type of electric drive current

3-phase alternating 50 Hz

Voltage, V


Drive motor:

, kW, not less

rotation frequency, turns / min



Operating mode


Overall dimensions, mm,







Weight, kg