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dkr2 2

The fodder grinder DKR-2 is designed for fodder grain grinding for cattle, pigs and poultry in accordance with the zootechnical requirements and for pneumatic transport of the ground material into the storage tanks.

The grinder performs the following technological operations:

• a fodder grain reception into the collecting tank;

• grinding of grain particles in accordance with the requirements of existing formulations of mixed fodders;

• a milled particles transportation by the pneumatic system into the collecting tank or feed mill mixer unit;

• a separation of grain particles flow from the air;

• cleaning of the air from the dust particles.

The fodder grinder is manufactured in three versions of differing rotor drive design:

  • DKR-2 - the rotor is mounted on the motor shaft (type 1);
  • DKR-2-01 - the rotor is mounted on the intermediate support and is connected to the motor through a belt drive (version 2);
  • DKR-2-02 - the rotor is mounted on the intermediate support and is connected to the motor through the coupling (version 3).

The electrical equipment of the grinder has two versions, which differ by a motor:

  • DKR 09.00.000 – an electric motor 380/660 V;
  • DKR 09.00.000-01 - an electric motor 380 V.

The grinder is available to complete the fodder mixtures production units.

The grinder can be installed in unheated areas (granaries, barns, storages) or under the special sheds excluding the impact of rainfall.

The grinder can be operated at temperatures from -30 º C up to 40 º C and a relative humidity of 98%.

The unit consists of:

- a grinder - 1 pc.

- a hopper - 1 pc.

- a pneumatic equipment system - 1 pc.

- a cyclone - 1 pc.

- a dust collector - 1 pc.

- a stone trap - 1 pc.

- an electrical equipment - 1 pc.

The technological process consists of the following: the grain by the screw conveyor is supplied into a hopper, whence through the gate and magnetic protection is sucked by the air flow to the grinding chamber. The ground product is forwarded by the air flow into the cyclone, where the dust is coming into the dust collector, from the cyclone the ready product is unloaded onto trucks or receiving container.

*Overall dimensions depend on the configuration of the equipment at the site of application (the transportation distance of the ground product).

Technical specifications





Productivity during the main time (on barley grain with the moisture of 12-14%) t / h, not less than

- For a product having a residue on a sieve with holes of 3 mm, not more than


Electric motor


Installed capacity, kW, not more than

30 kW

Rotation frequency

3000 turns/min

Windings voltage


Number of outlet ends


Overall dimensions, mm,



height *

from 4900 up to 7900
from 2720 up to 5720

Quality of executable process (the interval of medium sized grinding particles), mm

from 0,8 up to 2,0

Weight, kg, not more than


Rotation frequency of working body (rotor), turns / min


Labor costs (for product having a rest on a sieve with holes of 3 mm to 10%) person-hours / t, not more than


Rotor diameter, mm


Hammer number, pcs.


Servicing life, years


Hopper capacity, m ³, not less than


Diameter of removable sieves holes, mm


Hammer size, mm


Sieve thickness, mm