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Cutting, bending.

Sheet-metal stamping presses up to 500 tons of force.

Cutting of round bars under ∟ 90 ° to the axis of the work piece up to ø 250 mm; profile - under ∟ 45 ° up to 140mm.

Cutting of rolled steel profiles of different shear by shearing press, mm:

Circle up to ø 25 – angle 90 x 90 x 10;

Square 40 x 40 – hexahedron 22 s.

Direct longitudinal and transverse cutting of metal sheets by guillotine shears up to 20 mm óv = 50 kg / mm ².

Rectilinear, circular, shaped cutting of work pieces by downcut shears from metal sheets with thickness up to 3 mm. (distance from the slider axis to the frame axis is 1250 mm. A manual submission of work pieces).

A thermal cutting machine of gantry type is used with the advanced cnc and oxy-fuel and plasma cutting tool designed for a shaped cutting of metal sheets:

Dimensions of the processed material for plasma cutting, 1 – 25 mm;

Thickness of the material being cut by an oxy-fuel cutting up to 100 mm.

Bending of cylindrical shells from metal sheets in a cold state óv = 45 kg/mm2 by universal bending rollers:

Up to 2 mm

Min ø 70 mm

L = 900 mm

Up to 16 mm

Min ø 260 mm

L = 2000 mm

Up to 28 mm

Min ø 580 mm

L = 2000 mm

Bending and shaping of metal sheets by a bending press: bending length at:

S 1 ÷ 4 mm - 2000 mm;

S 5 ÷ 8 mm - 1000 mm.

Bending of pipes in a cold state without filler:

Diameter of pipes bended, mm

Bending radius, mm

Min — 25

Min — 38 l

Max — 60

Max — 320

Maximum thickness of the wall of pipes bended ø 60 ót = 25 kg/mm2 - 4mm.


Manufacturing of welded metal constructions by welding in the carbon dioxide medium up to 10 tons.

The plant plans to introduce spot welding process on the mt - 2202 on ac for parts made of carbon, alloy, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels with c ≤ 0,24, titanium, aluminum alloys, brass.

Thickness range of steel welded, mm

Carbon steel - 0,5 ÷ 5;

Stainless steel - 0,5 ÷ 1;

Aluminum - 0,5 ÷ 8.


Manufacturing of parts for general engineering purposes - covers, flanges, bushings, wheels up to ø 1000 mm; rolls up to 5000 mm.  

Turning-and-boring lathes

Machining of parts such as flanges, discs, rollers up to ø 3200 mm and height 1600 mm.  

Cnc lathes

Manufacturing of precision parts with complex configuration - spheres, balls, fillet, conical surfaces, all kinds of carvings, including cones increments from 41 mm up to ø 500 mm and a length of 900 mm.


Cylindrical grinding up to 4000 mm, inner and surface grinding. 

Drilling and boring

Drilling works by vertical and radial drilling machines, cnc vertical drilling machines.

Machining of case-shaped and basic parts by horizontal boring machines 2622v, 2656 with table dimensions up to 2000x2000 mm. 


Processing up to 1000 m in length up to 3000 mm and a height of 600 mm by the universal hardware.

Cnc milling machines .

Planar processing of complex configuration parts:

Star wheels (tooth profile is not limited to);

Precise machining of holes associated by coordinates.

Limiting dimensions of machined surfaces by coordinates, width x length x height (without reinstalling), mm: 400 x 1000 x 380.

Maximum weight of work piece and tool installed on the machine table, kg, not more than: 400.

Manufacturing of toothed gearing parts

Cylindrical - ø up to 2000 mm;

Conical with a circular and straight teeth - ø up to 1600 mm. 

Casting of plastic

Molding of thermoplastic materials under pressure (polystyrene and its copolymers, polyethylene hp and lp, polyamides)

Processing temperature 350 °c;

Total injection per cycle ≤ 600 cm³.

A special branch office manufactures rubber products (seals, cuffs, rings, etc.). 

Thermo treatment .


High-frequency treatment by rf current of gears of a diameter up to 1300 mm, module ≥ 5 , method of "tooth per tooth";

Hardening of shafts by rf current of a diameter of 200 mm and length up to 1600 mm


Electrochemical nickel-plating;

Dimensions of products for electroplating, mm 400 x 250 x 500.  

The release of the original gearboxes is explored.

Two-three-tiered with horizontal and vertical rotation axis;