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Volkovysk, Grodno region,
Republic of Belarus, 231900
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In October 1901, in Volkovysk, the merchant's son Sholom Barosh built an iron foundry for the production of agricultural tools: threshers, plows, straw cutters, etc. The first official mention of the launch of the plant was published in the "Review of the Grodno Province for 1902", which stated that the iron foundry had 13 workers and produced goods for 5,000 rubles.

In 1910-1914, the plant had expanded up to 24 workers and sold products for 35,000 rubles. In 1915, Volkovysk was occupied by the German troops. From 1921 till September 18, 1939 it had been being a part of Poland. The iron foundry worked mostly seasonally, everything was depended on the demand for agricultural tools. In November 1939, during the Soviet government, the plant was nationalized and named as "a plant of agricultural machines". In April 1941, it employed 126 people.

During the Great Patriotic War, the plant prepared spare parts and repaired agricultural tools for the German army.

After the liberation of Volkovysk from the Nazi invaders on 07/14/1944 the plant was rebuilt and began to manufacture products mainly for agriculture and local industry. In 1949 the foundry-mechanical plant began to develop new products - mixing runners for foundry. In the fifties the plant expanded, new work shops were built, new products were manufactured for agriculture (diggers, disc harrows, stumper harrows, reservoirs for livestock farms, spare parts for agricultural machinery, etc.), for peatery (peat loaders, agitators, turntables to NGR), cases for electric motors. It began a delivery of runners ZM2 -111 for export (India, China).

On November 10th, 1962 the plant was renamed into the Volkovysk plant of foundry equipment and from 1966 had been under submission of the General Directorate for the production of forging and casting equipment of the USSR.

A reconstruction of the plant started in connection with the development and realization of friction welding machines, and actually a new plant was built. In 1966, the mechanical work shop was put into operation, in 1967 - the first turn of the welding-procuring building. In 1976 – second turn of the welding-procuring building, and then the machine assembly and administrative building.

The plant exported its products to 26 countries: Germany, France, Italy, England, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, China, Mongolia, Korea (DPRK), Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Vietnam, Cuba, Nigeria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia. The production has been sold to all steel plants of the USSR, "Centrolit" in Odessa, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Rustavi, Tbilisi, Gomel and such giants of the Soviet Union as the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, Kama Automobile Plant (Kamaz), Automobile Plant named after Likhachev in Moscow, Kursk plant of tractor spare parts, Yartsevskiy iron foundry VPO "ZIL", PO "Izhevsk plant," Vladimir Tractor Plant, Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant, Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Tractor Plant, Cheboksary Machine-Building Plant and many others.

The plant produces: foundry pan mixers 15111, 15112, 15326M, 15107M, 15208M, 15104M, 15114, in set with loading and metering devices; vibration machines for deburring after forging and mechanical treatment, cleaning of fine molding VMPV200M, VMPM400M, 43102, VM100M; systems for water clearance and wastewater disposal for electroplating shops KV211, KV 111, BWR, IKTSF; friction welding machines ST-107, ST-109, ST-111, MAST-10 and other equipment.

In 1985 it employed 1,514 people. 22 workers were awarded with orders of the USSR, and the foreman of fitters V. Repitsky was awarded with two orders ("Badge of Honor" and "Labour Glory III"). In the late 80s and early 90s the plant began producing construction equipment: concrete mixers S-1500M, S-750M, S-750SK, S-500M, S-500SK, S-250, S-100; mortar mixers T-113, mortar pump T-070, units for the hollow blocks formation FB-12, devices for paving slabs cutting PRTP.

For agriculture: feed preparation shops SG-3M 3M-SG-01, SG-500, SG-500-01, grinding and mixing units, units for slurry pumping NZHNV-100-200 NZHNV; grain grinders LSC-2, LSC-5 DCM-08; manure transporters TSNV-3-1 TSNV, auger conveyers TS-2, TS-3, TS-4, TS-5, TS-6; auger loaders PS-6; washers MM -6P, MM-2M, MM-140, etc.

The plant manufactures consumer goods: fodder steamers K-40, K-24, K-120, semi-automatic beading devices MZP-3V.

According to the Volkovysk district council decision dated 24.05.2001 the plant was renamed into the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Volkovysk plant of foundry equipment".

Currently, in cooperation with the ZAO "Litaform" (Moscow) the plant produces a range of vortex mixers together with all metering and loading devices ISL-10, ISL-20, ISL-40. The plant continues to produce agricultural equipment, including feeding shops by the individual projects, construction equipment and spare parts, consumer goods.

The plant purchases the new equipment: thermo furnaces with portable hearth, plating line, welding machines, band-sawing machines, thermo cutting machines of the «Vanad Pvjxima» company.

The plant continues to live and work.