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Volkovysk, Grodno region,
Republic of Belarus, 231900
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The Volkovysk plant of foundry equipment - one of the oldest enterpries in the Grodno region of Belarus - was founded in 1902. At the moment of its establishment, the plant represented itself as a handicraft workshop. In October 1939 the plant was taken over by the Soviet economic authorities and was named as the Volkovysk foundry-mechanical plant.

A new history of the plant began in 1949. This year it has released its first model of mixing runners "ZM-111". Since 1960 the plant produced new models of runners "1A11", then - "1A12", "1A12-A", a range of sieves. From November 1st, 1962 the plant was renamed as the Volkovysk plant of foundry equipment. Already in 1970-1980 the plant had supplied its products to 25 countries including: China, Egypt, Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, Germany, Great Britain, Latin America, Africa, etc. Then the plant had mastered such machines as cooler 11315, unit for preparation of liquid self-hardening mixtures - 19114M, mixers 151101 -SK , 15102 - SK, vibration machines VMPV -200, VM-100, VMPV-400, scrubbing machines 14811, runners 15326, 15328, 15104, 15107, 15208, system of automatic control of mixture forming SARF, machines for making abrasive mixtures MS -200, MS -400.

In 1990 the plant was engaged in parallel manufacturing of building and agricultural equipment; large batches of this equipment were delivered to Russia on request of the RAO "Gazprom".

Based on many years of experience the plant has developed the following types of production:

  • manufacturing of welded metal ware with welding in the carbon dioxide medium with a preparation of work pieces in the bending machines up to 15 tons;
  • manufacturing of the original gears;
  • treatment of rotation bodies at the vertical turning lathes with a diameter up to 4 m and a height of 2 m;
  • manufacturing of parts for a general machine-building destination at the universal metal-cutting equipment and NC machine tools;
  • manufacturing of parts from thermo- and thermosetting plastic up to 3 kg.

The plant currently manufactures processing equipment for the foundry, cleaning vibration machines, forging and pressing equipment, abrasive equipment, equipment for making mortars and mixtures, agricultural equipment. The plant produces 26 kinds of consumer goods. Many fire-resistant enterprises from the CIS countries work at their foundries with the foundry mixers produced by the plant. Working for the consumer, diversification of production volumes, improved product quality - these are the main fields of activity of the plant.

In 2002 the plant celebrated a significant event – its centenary.